Main character final look test shots.

Okay this is going to be quite a long post about me studying pbr texturing and doing final test looks of the characters trying out some different shaders, it took a lot of time and it could easily be separated in several posts, but I’m just going to rant on about it.

So I was okay with skin being textured in Zbrush it provided quite a  decent result, but texturing clothes in Zbrush proved to be a nightmare, especially metallic and leather materials. This is my first test shots of my main character:



As you could notice there were many problems with textures, details of the skin looked good, but I had also problems with the mesh of mouth (it was too thin) so I was constantly making changes trying to study different techniques.


Here, I gave my test look scene a background to get the mood right. But I was not happy with texture colours and I started tweaking the texture manually in Photoshop, applying different textures and etc.


These are the texture files that I literally drew on top of the existing ones in Photoshop.

These procedures, that took a couple of days of tedious work would give me this result:


Still better that the last one, but it lacked certain OOMPH and swag to it.



I started adding some mood lighting to make textures work.  But I was still not delighted with the results.

Then I would consult with Sean and I thought that maybe using displacement maps will increase the quality of my work. Sean showed me how to use Mental_rays mia_x_passes materials and apply displacement materials and the skin of my character would look way more detailed:



I was still not delighted with how she looks like, her leather jacket did not stand out and the iron shoulder pad did not look like it was made out of metal. I was also experimenting with her hair, trying to give her polygonal hair patches maybe, but all in vain, I did not like how it would turn up.



Then I was studying how Mental ray materials are working and which shading options should I use, I would create different spheres with different settings to render how it would show up in the scene.

Then I decided to retexture all my character again!


I started with the leather belt and a shoulder pad. I have retextured those in Substance painter, exported 4 different texture maps and used MILA shading materials. It took me a while to understand how MILA shading material works, I would constantly get certain anomalies upon rendering objects like this unusual glossiness on the right side of the leather belt that you can observe.


This is how re-textured leather jacked would look like in Substance painter.


This is how it would look like in Maya upon rendering, and it took me two days to correct the issue of that excessive glossiness, dear god, I lost a lot of brain cells trying to fix that problem.




Better, but the jacket and boots are way too glossy and have that strange white shade.


Way better…

I think weeks of studying pbr texturing payed off. Now I know how to do it fast and easy. I made a little short video of my character in the end:

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