Creating realistic eyes in Zbrush and Maya. Mentalray render video.

Okay, I haven’t been updating this blog for quite a while, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing anything. I have actually been busy doing tonnes of characters for Going live project and have been documenting all my progress of my Major project.

I have enough materials for 10 posts already, I guess. Okay. Let’s start where we last dropped off. After I’ve done texturing skin I decided to give my character really expressive eyes, that would draw attention, would be quite realistic and vivid.

So I have studied the structure of the eye and read tonnes of materials how to make the realistic eye.

Image result for eye structure

I made an eye in Maya and replicated all 3 layers of the eyes that are visible from the outside. These are the cornea, pupil and iris, In Maya, they were represented by 3 different models and looked like that.

Realistic eye creation5.jpg

I made a dent on the outer sphere representing iris and sent it to Zbrush where I used radial symmetry to and drew the structure of the iris.

Realistic eye creation.jpg

Realistic eye creation4.jpg

Realistic eye creation 6.jpg

This is how it looked like in ZBrush. After poly painting and creating all these dents imitating the iris I have exported normal and texture maps and exported it back to Maya.

Realistic eye creation 8.jpg

Then I’ve tweaked the texture map in Photoshop adding detail and realism to its colour.

Realistic eye creation 10.jpg

Then I was playing around with different render settings.Realistic eye creation 11.jpg

Finally, I had the result that I was okay with:

Realistic eye creation 19.jpg

This is what the UV of the eye’s look like:


Note that UV of the back of the eye, that we don’t see is super small, so I don’t waste the valuable texture space and can put more details to the frontal side of the eye.

I have been recording the whole process, and also I animated the eye in the end and rendered it in Mentalray to test how it would look like, here’s what I came up with:

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