Main character modelling process

Just wanted to share my character creation workflow.

It all starts will dynameshing the basic shapes in Zbrush. For this character, I used ZSpheres to get the anatomical proportions right and then applied adaptive skin for further sculpting. This was the initial result, that I’ve got after hours of working:




After I’m okay with Dynamesh shapes, I use Zremesher to decimate the number of polygons on the model and then I reproject my dynamesh shapes using ProjectAll in the subtool pallette of the program and then export the model to Maya.

In Maya, I continue my work on retopologising the model (decreasing the number of polygons and getting the overall geometry of the model right). It’s quite a tedious process, but kinda inevitable.

Retopol 22.jpgRetopol.jpg

After I am done with retopology, which usually takes ages I move on forward and create UV’s for the model:

Granny UV's.jpg

To get the whole thing correct I make these workflow notes, because when you’re using a lot of software in your project, sometimes you can forget the steps you need to follow through, especially if you’re doing EVERYTHING for your project, so I make these little reminders like that:


I keep this note open all the time, I use OneNote as it is really handy and you can have multiple tabs and it’s super comfy to keep it open while you’re working on the second monitor.

As you can notice I have separate 4k UV’s for basically every part of the character, eyes, face and hands (skin), two texture maps for body and accessories.

Face and hands UV's.jpg

An example of UV map of my character (face and hands).

After all the UVing is done I can proceed on forward to texturing and preparing normal maps of the character’s model which is really time-consuming and intricate and is a topic for another post.

P.S. I made a turnaround video of the base-mesh of the character model, watch it:

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