Project management and animation pipeline rant

Continuing with my blog update marathon… The thing I want to share is project management. Throughout my life time I’ve tried all kinds of different software for project management purposes. Heck, I actually used to work as a project manager for a couple of year, lol.

So, the software that I’m using for my individual project is really simple, it’s called Manage it, and it’s brilliant. You can synchronise the tasks between all kinds of different devices and always keep up to date with what needs to be done. So, basically, right now I have tasks distributed up till mid March 2017. Every day I know what I’ll be doing next! YAAAY!


So, I have separated tasks into following categories: Characters and Assets. I’ll finish all the tasks in the first category which include hi-poly modelling of characters in Zbrush, then exporting them to Maya and retopologising, creation of UV maps, exporting base mesh back to Zbrush where I polypaint these models and then export normal maps and texture maps based on my polypainting, the last part is rigging and testing the character.

And the environment modelling is basically the process of modelling all assets in Maya and then texturing them and UV’ing them in any software of my liking. After going through all the processes I will talk more about the general pipeline. I will be keeping on adding tasks and reviewing my progress, depending on the deadlines and the stages where my project is at.

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