Modelling UV mapping and texturing assets for animation production

Ok, while my computer is busy processing some really complicated stuff and I can’t use it for 3d modelling I’ll start with updating my dusty blog!

Due to lack of any updates for a month, it might seem that I was doing nothing, but actually, I was too busy working on Going Live and Final project. So I’ll start in chronological order.

We’ll kick off with modelling assets and UV mapping that I did a while ago. I wanted to improve my skills in hard surface modelling so I started off with building a base mesh for a shotgun assets, the main weapon of my main character according to the script.



So, I ended up with mesh like this and then I proceeded with UV mapping. I have to admit it was quite a struggle fighting with software to understand the whole logic of UV mapping. I would try different methods and would get different results. This is the UV done by automatic UV functions in Maya:

Now I understand that these UV’s would work, but back then I was thinking about getting fewer parts and I’ve tried UV’ing the mesh the way Sang showed us during one of the classes. I have to admit I had a lot of problems, here’s an example:


As you can see all UV’s are overlapping and looks awful, upon thorough investigation I realised, that there were problems with the geometry of the object and so some parts of the shotgun had to be recreated again.

Then I have moved forward to texturing the asset for my animation project. For texturing purposes, I used Software called Substance Painter. It took me an evening to understand how the software works. and I got a decent result in the end. Here it is:



So, I can’t wait the moment when I’ll finish all the assets and characters, and rigs so that I could play with the objects I created and animate them.

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