Aliens, Sculpting, Character creation practice and more practice

Last month I’ve received a real level up in character modelling. I’ve practised Modelling and retopology on a quick hoofed alienesque character that I made:

Hoofed alienesque.jpg

I’ve practised normal mapping and texturing:

Hoofed Alien Character_MAYA-TM_u0_v0.jpg

That’s funny how the character looks like when you just simply quickly UV it in Zbrush. Also, I’ve modelled and rendered character turnarounds for 5 other characters for GOING LIVE project’s pitch. I wish I could share that stuff, I hope we will able to show this stuff after we will finish the movie.

Practiced some Speed sculpts, I’ve actually sculpted jaws with all the teeth, that I’m going to use for my characters and the my imagination broke loose:

Doodling in Zbrush.jpg


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