Literature review

While some stuff for my blog is being uploaded on youtube. I’ll do some literature review of what I’ve been reading recently.

I’ve read the book by Syd Field “The foundations of Screenwriting”, and also read some sections of the book Five C’s of cinematography by Joseph Mascelli, It contains useful information about camera positioning in your movies, continuity and cutting. Reaaaaly helpful.

As for modelling I’m currently reading and doing some tutorials from Introduction to Autodesk Maya 2016, it is a good handbook to have when you’re confused with Maya’s interface.

Another book that I bought is Beginners guide to Character creation in Maya, I will follow along retopologising and rigging sections of this book and use it as a reference during the process of retopologising my models during my vacations.

And my favourite book is Zbrush Characters and Creatures, projects tips and techniques from the masters, it’s a very neat book containing loads of tips and advises from leading charater-modellers out there and it really helped me speed up my process of character modelling and made it really enjoyable.

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