Grinding Maya

Maya… Is hard to master… I kid you not, especially the modelling part, after I’ve got my hands on Zbrush, I wonder if I could just model EVERY GODDAMN THING in it without using this archaic mouse-stuck modelling from the 90-s?

So my progress with maya so far:

A coke can. Yep, you heard me. Learnt a bit of traditional 3d modelling and UV mapping techniques from our super-cool tutor Sean. Sean’s classes are the best, btw!

And I’ve started doing this Digital Tutor’s Introduction to Maya course that I’ve stole *coughing* downloaded.

Here’s my progress so far:

Yeah, a simplistic spaceship, I didn’t get back to Maya for more than half a month already as I’ve discovered Zbrush and I fell in love with it. And we’ll discuss that matter in the next post…


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