Participation in 24-Hour Comics Day and nailing my Storyboards

I’ve participated in a 24-Hour Comics Day last Saturday, the event took place at Visions building in Dundee. That was a marvellous experience, a pleasure to observe the work of people dedicated to their thing. Really enjoyed all the comic books that participants produced at the end of the day, my favourite was the piece of Norrie Millar.

Here is the snapshot from his twitter account, you can find the rest of the pages there as well.

Here are some photos from the event, click to enlarge:

I didn’t manage to draw all 24 pages in 24-hours, but, hey, it was my first attempt to make a comic book, after all, so give me a break, will you?  I came up with 12 pages and I based them on the script for my Final Project “Olgoi”. Thus, I have lots of panels and drawings that can be utilised as storyboards for my movie, cool, huh?

Results of my work

Results of my work



P. S. I will scan comic book pages, make some minor corrections and will definitely upload them here. Soon…

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